Power Tumbling

Power Tumbling is a gymnastics discipline within USAG- just like acrobatics gymnastics, rythmic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, trampoline, etc. This class is based on the structure of USAG and the rules and policy of FIG. It is recreational, non competitive class teaching basic tumbling moves and skills.

Power Tumbling-BEGINNERS - 6-10 years old.
Tuesday: 5:00-6:00
Thursday: 5:00-6:00

1xWeek: Early bird: $85.00 Regular: $100.00
2xWeek: Early bird: $125.00 Regular: $140.00

Power Tumbling-ADVANCED - 11-18 years old.
Tuesday: 6:00-7:30
Thursday: 6:00-7:30

1xWeek: Early bird: $105.00 Regular: $120.00
2xWeek: Early bird: $145.00 Regular: $160.00

2017 Sessions

Session 1 January 2-February 25

Session 2 February 27-April 29

Session 3 May 1-June 24

Session 4 June 26-August 26

Session 5 August 28-October 21

Session 6 October 23-December 16

2017 Gym Closures

  • 2017-Spring break: March 27-April 1
  • 2017-4th of July break-July 3-July 8
  • 2017-Christmas break-Dec. 18-Dec. 30

Signature Forms

2017-2018 Meets schedule !

Dec. 15-17-Jump start-Eugene-L-6-10

Jan. 5-7-Nat. Judges Cup-Portland-L-3-10

Jan. 12-14-Aloha Gymfest-Hawaii-L-3-10

Jan. 27-29-Gem State Inv-Boise,ID-L-3-10 

Feb. 2-4-Pacific Edge Inv-Newport-L-3-10

Feb. 23-25-GWGF-Coeur D'Alene-L-3-10

Mar. 2-4-Emerald Team Challenge-Eugene-L-3-10

Mar. 16-18-Optional State-Corvallis-L-6-10

Mar. 23-25-Flightschool Inv-Hillsboro-L-3-5

Apr. 21-23-Compulsory State-Salem-L-3-5

Apr. 13-15-Regionals-Tacoma,Washington-L-8-10

May 4-7-Western Nationals-L-8-10



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